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Saffrn 4X(30g*10Stx)

Saffrn 4X(30g*10Stx)

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Arabic coffee is one of the most famous drinks in the world, and it is characterized by its unique and distinctive taste that attracts many to drink it. Among the leading companies in the production of instant Arabic coffee is the Saudi Al-Khair Company.

Al-Khair Company was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1975, and it works in the production and distribution of hot and cold drinks. Among its main products is instant Arabic coffee.

Instant Arabic coffee from Al-Khair Saudi products is characterized by its high quality and wonderful taste. It is also made from the finest types of Arabic coffee, and is distinguished by its ease of preparation and speed of presentation.

The instant Arabic coffee from Saudi Al Khair Products comes in several different flavours, such as plain Arabic coffee and Arabic coffee with cardamom, saffron and ginger, allowing consumers to choose from a variety of distinctive flavours.

The Saudi Al-Khair Company is one of the leading companies in the field of instant Arabic coffee industry, as it is distinguished by the quality of its products and is keen to meet the needs of customers and provide distinguished customer service.
Thus, it can be said that instant Arabic coffee from Saudi Al-Khair products is an excellent choice for Arabic coffee lovers, as it is characterized by its high quality and wonderful taste, as it is available at competitive prices and is suitable for all.
Experience an instant Arabic Coffee Mix! With a Saffron blend from Al-Khair, you can now make the perfect Arabian coffee in no time. Enjoy the high quality taste and live in Arabian Oasis!
An instant Saaudi Arabia Coffee Mix With Saffron blend Flavor from Al-Khair.
Now You Can Prepare Your Favorite Traditional Arabic Coffee With An Instant.
Made With Carefully Selected Premium Green Coffee Beans And Other Ingredients To Give It The Traditional Saaudi Arabic Taste.
Instant Arabic coffee that connects you to the Arabian Oasis. Feel the taste of real Arabic coffee from Al-Khair. Based in Middle East, Saaudi Arabia.
One cup of the mixed flavors has a subtle taste and aroma, which makes it tasty to drink and changes your mood instantly.
Easy Preparation : Empty One Sachet Then Add Hot Water And Stir Well.
Condition: 100 % Pure Natural Organic Coffee.
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