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KHR11-Emoji Ginger Karak 12(12st*20g)

KHR11-Emoji Ginger Karak 12(12st*20g)

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Alkhair Tea with ginger a mixture of luxurious tea leaves with milk and ginger.
karak tea with ginger is an effective method against overeating.
Since tea stimulates the feeling of warmth from the inside, drinking it before eating aids digestion, and drinking it before eating stimulates the appetite, especially in the elderly.
Ginger is one of the best and most effective home remedies available against nausea and enteritis.
Facilitates absorption and digestion of food, and helps eliminate gas.
It treats many infections, especially joint and bone infections.
It treats colds, asthma, and some other respiratory problems.
It strengthens the body's immunity.
Ginger tea is distinguished by its wonderful and clear flavor, which quickly makes you lively and energetic.
Ginger has long been used in Ayurveda culture as a treatment to support the body's natural immunity and digestive system.
Ginger is a great way to get the recommended amount of fluids per day, which ranges from 2 to 2.5 liters.
The first ingredient in tea is water, which our bodies need to function efficiently. Water makes up 99.5% of the components of tea, which makes it an excellent source of hydration and refreshment just like water.1, 2 so sit back, drink your tea, and enjoy! Tasty karak tea with ginger with natural ingredients that makes you feels warm and comfortable in winter.
One cup feels relaxed and is rich with distinctive health benefits.


  • A mixture of luxurious tea leaves with milk and ginger makes you feel warm, as it is considered a natural anti-bacterial. You can drink it in the morning or evening, with a distinctive taste of natural tea with the charming addition of cardamom.
  • TEA WITH GINGER improves blood circulation and increases your sense of energy, distinctive during cold, especially in winter; it provides your body with energy and heat and makes you warmer in cold days.
  • GINGER tea helps in losing weight, Keeping this tea helps you lose weight, you will feel more energetic and more energetic on busy days 12 pcs inside the package, quickly prepared. Once you empty the contents of the bag and add hot water, you get ready tea with ginger with a distinctive taste that makes you feel warm and comfortable.
  • TEA WITH GINGER benefits heart health, and ginger refreshes the heart, in addition to its wonderful benefits, it also improves your mood to complete your day with more energy.
  • TEA WITH GINGER is good for oral health, as it helps prevent bacteria in the mouth, the ginger present with tea, in addition to the natural properties of tea, helps improve gums and get rid of the smell in the mouth, especially after eating foods.
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